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Giving Packaging a voice

At Bizongo, we are obsessed with packaging. We didn’t want to stop with just finding the best packaging products for you. We wanted to look beyond and find more ways in which we could make packaging more functional, sustainable and exquisite. So, in December 2016, we launched the Bizongo Design Lab so that we can take care of every process - from design to development and procurement of packaging. Our vibrant team at the Bizongo Design Lab is continuously creating relevant packaging design for brands to express better stories and developing packaging solutions that one could indulge in, utilize and admire.

We understand the importance and omnipresence of packaging and bring in fresh perspectives to mould packaging into a piece of conversation, an efficient functional product, a thing of beauty and ready for the future.

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Unlearning, relearning and rethinking the ways of the world, we disrupt existing packaging products to bring in more holistic solutions that pave way to the future.

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We dig deep into your brand ethos and discover new ways of packaging your products, giving voice to your brand through our designs.

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Answering the ‘what ifs’, we dream up different packaging and create original designs that look at packaging like never before.

Alphabettea is a collector's edition of 26 exotic flavoured teas that come packaged in matchboxes; each matchbox representing one alphabet in the English language and a tea flavour associated with it.


Alphabet tea
The Kaju Kathli Tangram Edition design celebrates the union of a traditional Indian sweet box packaging and an age-old Chinese puzzle. It encourages you to look at the endless possibilities of a 7-piece puzzle as you munch on some delicious kaju kathli.


Money Envelopes: Combining the ample space and old-world charm of the inland letter with a kitschy design this money envelope/shagun envelope lets you write a loving note to go with your gift of money


Money envelope
At Bizongo Packaging Labs, we are constantly striving to improve existing packaging designs for brands in these ways
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Design Solutions

We redesign your existing brand packaging to and deliver relevant and iconic solutions to ensure continued success and repeat purchases.

Cpackaging solution

Comprehensive Packaging Solutions

Backed by extensive market research, designing and prototyping carried out by our in-house team, we create comprehensive solutions to your existing packaging problems. If you want us to design or redesign your packaging, let’s connect.

Brand solutions

Specific Brand Solutions

Be it for a special occasion, festival or simply a redesign, we involve ourselves with bringing out the best packaging solutions for your brand.

Packaging alternatives

Packaging Alternatives

Want to pick our brains to source the best packaging available in the market? We are here to help.