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Liso Chocolatier was established in the small town of Kolenchery in Kerala and was nurtured out of a deep-rooted passion for chocolate. The company manufactures chocolates and spreads rich in cocoa and other exotic ingredients. Currently, the company has presence in over 200 stores (general and modern trade across Kerala).
The team at Liso Chocolatier approached us to revamp their packaging design as their objective was to expand their brand across the entire country. With the packaging design, the goal was to bring the artisan character of the spreads on to the label, so the packaging could convey the vision of the founders. We did this by exploring several styles of illustrations that could paint a distinct character of the brand in the spreads category on retail shelves. The company has a very strong philosophy with respect to using the best quality ingredients across their spreads. To establish this more strongly, we created photorealistic illustrations of the main ingredients of the spreads in order to represent the distinctive flavor of each product.

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